15:00 –



       - Welcome Remarks 
 - Comprehensive Risk Management (and the work of the TEG-CRM)

Mr. Sönke Kreft 
Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)


15:10 – 15:20

Setting the Scene (Keynotes)

      - The importance of Unifying Climate Risk Data
- Catalyzing technical support to countries through a comprehensive climate and disaster risk management approach (including the importance of data)

Mr. Luca Rossi
Deputy Chief UNDRR Regional Office for Africa


15:20 – 16:00

Data for adaptation - moderated discussion
After introducing the panel, the moderator will guide the discussion through the following questions:

1. Unifying climate-risk-related data enables comparability and compatibility. What are the main challenges for implementing a unified system of climate-risk-related data collection and management?

2. Haw can data better represent the diversity of vulnerabilities within the African context? (Livelihoods, income levels, social and tribal groups...)

3. Which opportunities can the region seize to improve its data collection and how would that contribute to increasing resilience?

4. How could the international community support such efforts?

Mr. Francois Tetero
GCF NAP Readiness Project - Rwanda 
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Mr. Mattia Prayer Galetti
Lead Technical Specialist - Indigenous People and Tribal Issues
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 

Mr. Kendie Kenmoe
Technical Manager for Central and West Africa 
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Dr. Fatima Driouech
Associate Professor

University Mohammed VI Polytechnic


16:00 – 


 From Climate Risk Data to Climate Finance

       - The Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) Framework       
- Climate risk data for unlocking climate finance and risk transfer solutions

Dr. Maxime Souvignet 
Team Lead Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA), United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)

Dr. Annette Detken
Head of ISF Management; Climate Risk Analysis Lead

Mr. Roberto Schiano,

UNDRR Economics and Risk Knowledge Associate Expert

16:25 - 16:40


Moderator opens the floor for participants

16:40 - 16:50


16:45 – 17:00

Input from the Technical Expert Group on Comprehensive Risk Management (TEG-CRM) member

Wrap-up and Closing Remarks

Dr. Fatima Driouech
TEG-CRM nominated member


Mr. Sönke Kreft
Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

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